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Joy Escorts is the international face of the Turkish Istanbul escort industry, an agency that has catered to happy clients over the world for years. We present to you a vast portfolio of fascinating of beauties who work with us on Day and Night calls. Joy Escorts is one of the most trusted Istanbul’s Leading Escort Agencies in the world that brings to the International crowd handpicked dazzling women who are more than just a pretty face. They are charming, polite, intelligent, friendly and much more. Above all, they possess the integrity and professionalism that are valued most by clients in this industry. Each of our working models is doll-like, with their perfect curves and sculpted look. Arresting from both inside and outside, they’re all groomed extensively to make the right show of confidence and zeal that is a turn on for men.

Our ladies are perfect take-out partners, because of their demeanor, style and beauty easily matching that of high-class women. As mentioned before, the ladies are handpicked and made to go through a step-by-step interview process during which their personality, aura, inclination to serve and skills are all tested. Only the lucky few who meet all the criteria are chosen to be absorbed in the panel.

We proudly assure that all our models are warm, and endearing, flexible and ever ready to serve. They are well-educated and most importantly, well-read individuals who have a strong grasp over varied subjects which make them interesting talkers. They can strike up conversation with clients, really shy to extrovert kind, and keep their attention arrested for long hours without even veering it to the other side of the line. Our A-line escorts are thus chosen mostly for client meets, social gatherings, dinner dates, etc., where a lot of interaction with strangers are anticipated. They blend mellifluously with people, regardless of the environment which is why our clients feel at ease to introduce them as their girlfriends.

However, with our fame spread far off into the virtual market, our services are high on demand. We prefer bookings that are made prior to the date on which the appointment is scheduled. Depending on their availability, our models can be picked for the day. We provide no expenses for travelling and daily necessities whatsoever. Clients who book the escorts are responsible for incurring all expenses during the term.

We have a special section of elite escorts who are specially allotted to clients who are eager to travel with escorts to foreign destinations. Only the best A-listed women working with our agency make it to the list because that section is mostly used by our platinum customers only. Groomed and readied to serve the biggest hotshots in the town, the women have everything starting from a stunning face to a perfect body to magnetic personality that would attract the best of people.

While all payments are processed through us, we welcome our esteemed clients to gift and tip and ladies, should they want to, independently without being accountable.

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