The profession of an escort can be both fun and rewarding at the same time, if taken with a pinch of salt. Aside the obvious pleasures of intimacy, one can also enjoy the material rewards that the profession is popular worldwide for. Girls who dare to adventure and have a frame of mind which is slightly expansive than the conventional, will find this sex industry a lucrative walk-in. As long as one can maintain a distinct separation between the professional and personal lives, this occupation is great for quick and easy money.

We Welcome Ladies Who Claim themselves Out-of-the-Crowd Materials

If you are one of those crème de la crème ladies who have been approached by men even when in their worst, then you can make big money just by the use of your charm. Anybody above the age of 18 with a bottle body and flair in English and other European languages are welcome to join our flock of lovely ladies for rewarding journey ahead.

If you have other full-time occupations, then, considering being an escort part-time is an alternative option for you. This is a zero-commitment occupation in which you do not need to dedicate yourself fully, but still earn huge through flexibly timed calls. Just mail us some of your recent photographs with an appropriately-filled out company form to attend an interview with us.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

However, what we do require from you is your commitment to never disclose your personal information to our clients as this is entirely a third-party dealing. This is why our application form features just the first name category and not too many in the personal detail section because we do not use personal information and apply full confidentiality to all data gathered. We let no appointment take place until you’ve signed a deal with us. Our nondisclosure agreement leaves the ladies obligation-free from sharing their real identity with us while form filling. You’re free to use your pseudonym. However, the rest of the information should be accurately given to create a positive impression at first.

Our ion Criteria

We have certain standards of ion which is necessary to keep the quality of services intact. Here are some of the points you might want to take a look at, before you forward your application.

- Aged between 18 to 30
- Should have a winsome smile
- Should have a striking face
- Should have a minimum height of 165 cm
- Slender built
- Natural body with unnoticeable flaws
- Open mind
- Proper education
- Social with fluid communicational skills
- Sex appeal necessary
- Must have an alterable girlfriend attitude
- Stable personal situation
- Should be available on prior notice
- Eloquence in English
- People versed in other languages is preferable
- Should be of standard financial status

Circumstances in Which Exceptions Are Made

There are certain situations in which we terminate the contract or do not proceed with it that every would-professional should be aware of. They are:

- Professionals under duress
- Ladies under trusteeship
- Alcoholism and drug addiction
- People interested in just money
- Professionals associated with multiple agencies.

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