Are you visiting Istanbul escort services pages daily? Can’t decide whether to opt for their services or not? Looking at the below mentioned frequently asked questions and answers may help you solve your confusion.

Are the Escort Profile Real?
Reliable escort agencies feature 100% real profile. The pictures are taken by some professional photographers in the presence of the executives of the agency.

How an Independent Escort is Different from an Elite Escort?
The high-class escorts offer premium services and they may cost you a little more than the regular ones. Most elite escorts work with agencies. The best part about hiring an escort agency’s service is that they work with innumerable escorts, each offering a wide variety of services. Understand, these women though professionals are human too. They may have emergencies and may not be able to meet on the fixed date. If you are hiring services of an escort agency, they will ensure to fix another date for you.

How can You Impress Your Escort?
Impressing an escort isn’t a big deal. You just have to remember a few things, such as not being late at the date, taking shower before meeting the lady, so on and so forth. These women love to be in the company of men who would appreciate their work and beauty. Make sure that you ask her about her likings. Also, tip her if you are satisfied with the services.

Can I Cancel the Date?
Yes, of course you can. But you should inform the agency about cancelation at least a day before. You can call them to re-schedule the date.

Which is the Venue for the Date?
The clients have the leverage to the venue for date. However, there are a few elite escorts who will prefer dating in a five star hotel only.

Can You Appoint More than One Escort at Once?
Yes, you can. The Turkey escorts are always there to offer you their service. If you look around you can find duo escorts too who are specialised to serve couples. Services like Anal, Cum on the Face and FK etc are offered by these women.

How to date an escort from Joy Escorts?
At out escort agency, we want to hear clear and precise requests from our clients. If you want to take an escort on a dine-out and spend some quality time with her, just let us know. Alternatively, if you prefer getting more intimate with escort, feel free to share your wishes. To book an escort with us, you are required to provide us with some details. The information we require is:
Your first and last name: A valid email address and a phone number so that we can get in touch with you (tell us when you want not to receive calls/mails from us) The tentative dates for meeting an escort
How long you wish to be accompanied by an escort girl
The exact location where you wish to meet the escort discreetly
What type of escort you are looking for (blonde or brunette, Asian or Afro-American, young or mature)
You may use our recommendations to find the best escorts in your area
We may ask you about your age, languages you speak, your profession, built, look and height)
The services you expect from us (please be precise)
Keep in mind that we don’t sell this kind of information to third parties, nor we will use your contact information for cold-calling you.

Are the escorts available 24/7?
The escorts working with us have some professional commitments to Joy Escorts. However, the earlier you call us, the higher the chances are for you to find and date your favorite escort. We arrange the escorts working with us on a client-by-client basis and availability of escorts largely depends on your contact with us. We, therefore, request you to call us as early as it is possible for you so that we can arrange the best escorts for you. In case you are searching for same diary service, we request you to call us at least before 8 pm (5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays).

Can you meet an escort at our agency office or at her place, in case you have not lodged in a hotel?
At this moment, we only offer outcall escort services. We regret that we cannot accommodate your requests if expressed otherwise. We need to make sure that you have lready booked a hotel room or some other discreet place, may be your residence, before we commit you about anything.

Can you date an escort during daytime?
Joy Escorts employs occasional escorts, and many of them have professional or academic obligations to meet during daytime. Therefore, we cannot arrange dates during day time. Plan your date in the evening or at night and we can come up with the best escorts in town.

If you don’t like an escort, can you cancel the date after her arrival?
We only send ‘compatible’ escorts after matching client queries with our database of our escorts. You only choose escort after checking out her photos from our website and gathering essential information about the escort. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that you will not like the same girl when she meets you. However, if you still want to send back the girl, you should let her know and inform the agency within the first 10 minutes of the date. Do not forget to give the escorts at least Euro 100 and whatever tip you wish to give her.

Fees and advance payments

How to pay the escort fees?
We expect all our clients to be courteous when it comes to paying the escorts for their professional services. You are requested to hand over the fees and any amount of tips discreetly before you go on a date. It is quite embarrassing for you and the escort both if the service provider has to ask you for money. Therefore, we would highly appreciate if you pay in advance and let the escort count the sum.

What currencies we accept?
Euro is the most preferred currency. However, you may choose to pay the fees in USD, GBP or Turkish Lira. Please avoid giving high denomination bank note as the escort sent to you might not have the change. We request you to pay the exact sum in Euro or whoever other currency listed her you prefer. Know about today’s exchange rates by calling us directly.

Can you pay via credit card?
We accept all leading credit cards including AMEX cards, VISA and MASTERCARD. However, credit card payment is subject to realization and we expect you to [pay via credit card at least 24 hour before you go on a date. This is because the concerned bank would take some time to transfer the money to our account. Please note that for credit card [payments, a certain amount of commission is charged. For your account safety and for completing the transaction, we will ask you for the following information.

Credit Card Number
Expiry date (as on card)
Security Code
The name of the card holder

Can you pay via bank transfer or Western?
Advances can be made by international bank transfers. Kindly get in touch with us to know our bank account details. We rarely accept payments via Western and only in circumstances where other payment modes are not available.

The escorts

Can you see photos of the escorts?
Yes, but you need to confirm your booking before you see the face of an escort.

Can you enjoy a threesome experience?
There are many escorts who enjoy the company of men and women, both. If you want a threesome experience, just call us and express your wishes. We will shortlist the bi-sexual escorts for your review.

Are the escorts available on an exclusive basis?
There are many escorts who enjoy the company of men and women, both. If you want a threesome experience, just call us and express your wishes. We will shortlist the bi-sexual escorts for your review.

Many of the escorts working with us are freelancers. However, Joy Escorts have professional contracts with many of the escorts advertised on our site too. Please call us to get a full list of exclusive escorts who are working with us.